Layout Tours

Saturday afternoon will feature many layouts for visitors.

After the brunch banquet on Sunday, more layouts will be available for tour.

Please check back often as we update this page with confirmed layouts. Following are the railroads confirmed so far. We hope to add more but be aware that all can’t be guaranteed to be open.


Dieter Engelmann

HO scale, large, modern with over 90% scenery. The Norfolk Southern (Conrail Southern Tier) runs between Buffalo and Hornell New York. Conrail blue still remains along with CP on trackage rights and various run-through power. There is a main yard and double track main line with staging and large loop in the next room. There are plenty of large GE and EMD locomotives as well as double stacks and other modern equipment.


David Johns

HO scale, large, 1950-1960s scenery 75% complete. The Ayr Junction Railway layout depicts CPR operations in mid 50-60s in Southern Ontario and British Columbia with scenes from Cathedral Mountain , Mount Stephen and Stoney Creek bridge. The layout features computer lighting for day/night operation. Work is being done on an ABS signaling system. David is a CPR engineer, working out of London.


John Johnson

G scale indoors, large,1950s scenery complete. This layout is based on narrow gauge railroading in Colorado. Steam and diesel locomotives run on handlaid track. There are many unique buildings and 50s vehicles.


Steve Juranics

HO scale, medium size, 1980. The Muskoka Central is a freelanced layout based around North Bay, featuring highly detailed ONR and CN locomotives and weathered rolling stock. The first section is fully scenic’d and detailed while the rest has several scenes finished as work continues on the remainder. See it on YouTube videos by Muskoka Steve.


Tim Krissak

N scale, small, full scenery, transition era with DC control. This is set in Northern Ontario with both hard and softwood trees.   The layout has many scenes, including recreation, farming, industry, retail and residential life. Trains run on two continuous loops. Many buildings are scratchbuilt and there is lots of detail.


Paul Macallum

HO scale, large tabletop style, 1950s, basic scenery. This layout uses HO track with British OO rolling stock, vehicles and buildings on most of it. There is also some North American HO equipment. Many of the buildings are nice cardboard kits.


Graham MacDonald

HO scale, large, 1922, scenery is complete. The Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Rwy is modeled as it was in 1922. Trains run from Depot Harbour through Algonquin Park to the division point town of Madawaska and onward to east staging. A hidden return loop allows continuous running. Structures such as a grain elevator, coal unloader ships at dockside, steel trestle bridge, a sawmill, the Highland Inn and station at Algonquin Park and the Rose Point swing bridge are scratch or kit built.


Kevin Miller

HO scale, medium size, early 70s full scenery and DCC control. This is the Lehigh Valley New York Division set in upstate New York just before Conrail. Locomotives from Lehigh Valley, Erie Lackawanna and New York Central can be seen in town along with a grain mill, hump/classification yard, roundhouse and turntable. There is a collection of railroad memorabilia to look at in the room.


Don Pearce

HO scale, large, steam/diesel era, scenery complete. The Ontario Western is a double decked layout with mainline running as well as two branch lines.


Bill and Kathy Peart

HO scale, large, transition era, 30% scenery. The PH&G mainline and branch line are complete as well as the switchback. Scenery is coming along nicely and the railroad is operating and interchanging with three other layouts


Jeff Pinchbeck

HO scale, medium size, 1938 with hand-laid track and scenery over 50% complete. The CP Sutherland Sub Mile Post 75 represents a 20 mile section of the Canadian Pacific’s northern mainline approximately 50 kilometres east of Saskatoon. The research has been thoroughly done on the history, construction, details, rolling stock and motive power for this area and time period.


Dave Rorke

N scale, 1960s, scenery almost complete. This is a small but well detailed version of the Ontario Northland. Dave has scratchbuilt bridges, trestles, buildings, a rotary snowplow and a livestock resting facility with incredible detail.


John Sachs

HO scale, large, early 1950s with scenery almost complete. The Canadian National and Pacific is based on CN’s operations centered on Palmerston with Guelph and Stratford in hidden staging under Palmerston. From Palmerston branch lines run out through Harriston and Chesley ending in Kincardine, Southampton, Owen Sound ,Wiarton and Durham. Track is handlaid, and most buildings (including accurate CN stations) are scratchbuilt or kitbashed. Control is DC with five mainline, three local and two Palmerston yard throttles.


Greg Shinnie

HO scale, 1930s, small. The Magoun Pier is a large urban style pier, featuring large ships tied up to it. There are travelling cranes on rails with train tracks beside and beneath them. The pier has sound effects and LED lighting. This is a well detailed diorama with craftsmen kits and scratch building.


Wayne Tessaro

HO scale, medium size, 1970’s, 80% scenery, DC control. This layout has two levels around the walls plus a peninsula running both CN and CP freight and passenger trains. There are separate engine house/turntable facilities for both CN and CP. There are two reversing loops and a wye, plus a hidden helix in another room as well as portable staging.


Mark Van Runt

HO scale, large, modern multi level with 60 % scenery. The North Shore Central is freelanced using CN, CP Rail and leased locomotives pulling freight and passenger trains between staging and an online yard. Work has begun on a paper mill with an operating rotary dumper.

Also at this location is the South Shore Central which is a freelanced N scale railroad operating intermodal, mixed freight and Amtrak trains with modern power. Layout features a double track mainline on two levels with an online yard.


John Wagner

HO scale, large,1975, 50% scenery. The North Easthope Central is a freelanced railroad set in Southern Ontario running from Buffalo NY to North Bay with both ends represented by hidden staging yards with return loops. Construction is L girder, spline, homosote and handlaid track. Alcos are the favoured locomotive. All rolling stock is weathered. Prototypical operation is the main focus.


George Watson

HO scale, large-2400 sq ft, 1945-1975 scenery 90% complete. The Bear Mountain Southern Pacific is a fictitious railroad in the upper west coast of North America. It is point to point with 20 towns on the route. It was started over 38 years ago and now fills three rooms. There is lots of detail and an ABS signal system was recently added.

Jim and Jane Watson

N scale, large, some scenery. At same location as above layout. It is a fairly new railroad with several levels and long double track mainline.


Peter Wilhelm

HO scale,14 by 14 feet, 80% scenery. This is a German railroad of 1950-1960 with Fleishmann rolling stock and hand laid track. There is lots of detail and scratch building to be seen.


Guelph Model RR Society Inc

HO scale, large, scenery almost complete. Pacific Western Railroad is a fictitious railroad running from Points West to Points East interchanging with CNR and CPR. Both old time and modern equipment is used. There is 440 feet of single track mainline with passing sidings as well as a 100 foot branch line. There is an intermodal yard and a city scene with viaduct trestles and double track trolley line.


Preston Model R.R. Society

HO scale, 18 ft. by 70 ft. on two levels with helix, Digitrax control
N scale 18ft. by 30 ft. scenery 70 % complete, Digitrax control.

The Trinity Valley Railroads are both freelanced running steam and diesels of various road names. There are lots of structures including a scratch built lift-bridge and transfer table.


Waterloo Region Model Rwy Club

HO scale, large, 1970’s, scenery 30 %complete, control DCC/NCE. The CP Rail Sudbury Division is a large layout covering 2000 sq. ft. stretched over two floors with helices connecting the multi-level bench-work. It is centered around Sudbury with the Cartier Sub mainline running east and west from town and the Webbwood Sub secondary running to Sault Ste. Marie. Visible track and turnouts are all hand-laid. All locomotives and rolling stock are detailed, painted and weathered to match real equipment known to operate during the 1970’s.


Winnona Garden Railway

G scale outdoors. Winnona Garden Railway is situated in a beautiful garden setting. There is a hobby shop on the premise carrying only G scale products that will be open on Saturday only.  Note: The Railroad is out of service and partially dismantled but the store will be open on Saturday.